Somewhere Out There

Somewhere out there, there is a young man in Burundi, Africa wearing a shirt of mine that was too small for my growing body. Somewhere out there, there is a young school age child in Burundi, playing with a soccer ball that a young school age child from Delavan use to play with. Somewhere out there, there is pregnant mother in Burundi, wearing a maternity shirt that came from the thrift store in Central Illinois. Somewhere out there…

A gentleman from Burundi once felt a call to come to the United States as a missionary. Part of his work here is to help us distracted Americans see where God is working abroad. One such place is Burundi. Burundi is located in Central Africa. It is home to political unrest and two ethnic cleansing genocides, with refugees moving to Rwanda, site of the Rwandan genocide in the 1990s.

In addition to corruption, people from Burundi have to deal with poverty, hunger, weak infrastructure, poor healthcare, and poor education. The World Happiness report of 2016 reported Burundi to be the least happy nation in all the world.

This gentleman from Burundi has made it his mission to collect our “unusable” clothing and items and ship them to his homeland, to those who are in desperate need. That shirt that’s been hanging in your closet, that you haven’t worn in years could end up on the back of a young man who travels several miles to get clean water or the dress you don’t want anymore could be worn by a young girl who travels several miles to a poor rural school.

Our friend from Burundi visits our thrift store regularly and loads up our “unwanted” and “unused” clothes and ships directly to communities in his country. We highly value this partnership and hope to continue supporting his efforts to provide clothing and other items to the people in his beloved land.

We are currently accepting donations on Saturday from 10am-4pm. We are in desperate need of furniture. Most days we can barely get the furniture inside the store before it sells. If you need a pick up of larger items you can contact our store manager Julie by emailing here at


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