There’s a lot going on at Common Ground

Common Ground has seen an increase in activity over the last few months. It is exciting to see the vision of Common Ground being fulfilled right before our eyes. In 2016 alone we had holiday gatherings, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, trade shows, fundraisers, church groups, community groups, weight loss/exercise groups, theater auditions, and meetings.

One group that is meeting, as this is being written, is a group of moms that gather monthly to pray for their kids and families. Another group is the Delavan Biggest Losers group, gathering weekly to encourage each other and hold each other accountable to making healthy choices. Most recently, the Prairieland Theatre Group is hosting auditions for their spring play, a series of short acts, that will be performed at Common Ground.

We’re thrilled to have a space for the community to gather together and are expecting more of this to continue as we are looking to add weekend youth nights to the schedule, to give the youth of our community a safe place to hang out. We have a pool table, ping-pong tables, air hockey, and other fun activities planned.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of Common Ground, you can help by volunteering, helping to spread the word, or donating money. All donations go towards the building projects and community programming. You can donate by going to


Grace and Peace!

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