Meet Dawn

I just happen to be off work today. I’m never home on a Friday so, I wandered up to the thrift store. We’re trying to figure out how to maximize our space because we’re bursting at the seams with donations. The community of Delavan has been so generous with their giving.

I headed to the back of the store to survey the huge amount of donations that still needed sorting and I nearly stepped on Dawn. She was hunkered down among piles of clothing, sorting them into sizes and seasons.

I introduced myself as a board member and thanked her for giving her time to the thrift store. I asked her how she ended up sitting here among these piles of clothing. She told me a friend, who was volunteering at the store, kept bugging her until she finally gave in. The first time she showed up to volunteer, she says “I absolutely loved it and I’ve been coming here ever since.”

Dawn went on to say, “I’ll be here as long as they’ll let me”.

I’m always curious about why an individual will give of their time to such a thankless, behind-the-scenes job. The store was full of shoppers when I stopped by and not a single soul knew Dawn was on the other side of the wall, tirelessly working so they could buy stuff they needed and/or wanted.

Dawn is a hero. She deserve the spotlight, but she’d never ask for it. She loves what she does. She told me all she’d be doing if she wasn’t at the store is sitting home by herself. She has found community and purpose and she gives both to others. This organization and community thrives because of people like Dawn. WE NEED MORE DAWNS!

Dawn, we see you. You are important. Thank you for what you do. We couldn’t do it without you.

If you are interested in serving with awesome people live Dawn, you can email us at or just stop by the thrift store and talk to Julie. While you’re there, say hi to Dawn. She’ll be buried under a pile of clothes in back.




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