Donations FAQ

1. What items do you take?

We take just about anything! Please refer to our Donation Checklist below for the items we are unable to take due to complying with CPSC Guidelines and our limited space. Thank you for your understanding and contact Katelyn Holmer for any questions!

Thrift store donation list

2. What items typically sell the most?

Obviously, we can generate the most financial support through bigger items like furniture or unique items like antiques. Our biggest sellers are definitely clothing (primarily women’s and children’s), outdoor/gardening items, shoes or purses, and holiday decorations. Complete dish sets and unique items are also always big sellers.

3. When do you take donations?

Our designated hours for donations are when we are open Fridays (in the summer) and Saturdays from 9-3 or during our weekly prep-time on Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 5-7pm. For larger deliveries we tend to pick them up in the early evenings throughout the week.

4. Wait, you pick up items?

Yeah! We do deliveries too! It all comes down to how many strong volunteers we have available and if any of them have a truck/trailer we can use. If you’re able to drop it off but the times don’t work, then let us know and we can figure out when works best for you!

5. So, what are other ways I can support you? I don’t have much to donate…

There are lots of ways to donate Common Ground through the Thrift Store! We are ALWAYS in need of volunteers (especially those strong people with trucks/trailers). Go to our volunteer page to get connected! We also take donations as simple as checks and cash. We promise that all the proceeds made go directly into the community through upkeep on our buildings (like rent…), supplies for our programs (usually for the youth) or through our benevolence ministries. We also have a Facebook page you can like and share with others to help us spread the word!

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