Life Support Programs

Part of the mission of Common Ground is to help people live life as wholehearted individuals. We have trained pastoral counselors, life coaches, spiritual direction, and mentors for youth and adults. Whether you’re struggling with addiction or relationship difficulties, you need help in achieving your wellness goals, or a young person needs a supportive adult relationship, Common Ground is here to serve anyone that has a need or the desire to live a more full life.

Take a look at our services to find one that is right for you:

Pastoral Counseling

Often life, circumstances, and our choices wound us deeply. Sometime those situations lead us to dark places and we need someone trained to lead us out of the darkness. If you struggle with anger, anxiety depression, or substance abuse you might benefit from meeting with one of our trained pastoral counselors.

Life Coach

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to quit smoking? Do you have educational or career goals you’d like to pursue and are just having a difficult time figuring out how to do it? A Life Coach might be the right mix of encouragement and accountability to help kick start your new habit or be a catalyst towards achieving your goals.

Spiritual Direction

If you are longing for a deeper spiritual life then you might benefit from engaging in Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine, or to learn and grow in their own personal faith. The person seeking direction shares stories of his or her encounters of the divine, or how he or she is experiencing spiritual issues. The director listens and asks questions to assist the directee in his or her process of reflection and spiritual growth.


Youth Mentoring is the process of matching mentors with young people who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their lives. Adult mentors are usually unrelated to the child or teen and work as volunteers through a community, school, or church-based program. The goal of youth mentoring programs is to improve the well-being of the child by providing a role model that can support the child academically, socially and/or personally.

If you are interested in any of these services, the cost for these services, or scheduling an appointment, complete the form below and a Common Ground staff member will be in touch with you in the next 48 hours.